The Benefits of Installing Grab Bars in Your Home

Grab bars are easy to explain, they’re simply bars that can easily be installed in your shower or bathtub to help you move around easier and provide support to help you safely stand or even sit down. Typically seen throughout handicapped bathroom stalls, tubs, and hospitals, these simple objects help ensure safety for those who need the extra support standing up after sitting for any duration of time. However, grab bars aren’t only reserved for installation and use in handicapped bathrooms or hospitals, but can add great advantages to your home! Below are a few advantages to having a grab bar installed in your home:


  • Let’s face it, as the body gets older, it starts to slow down. Once simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up become more difficult, as we no longer have the strength or support we need. If you find yourself often struggling to stand up on your own whether in the shower or at the toilet, perhaps installing a grab bar is a step in the right direction.
  • If you have elderly parents of relatives currently living with you, installing grab bars in your bathroom helps provide extra support needed to life themselves from the toilet or bathtub safely.
  • If getting out of the shower or off the toilet is a problem, installing grab bars on each side helps eliminate the problem while also reducing the risk of injury.

At, we understand the need for high quality and reliable grab bars. We carry a large selection of grab bars from Hewi grab bars to custom grab bars, and take the upmost pride in providing you with the best selection of easy to install, and high quality grab bars.

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