HEWI Nylon Grab Bars: A Superior Substitute for Stainless Steel

HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are high quality grab bars that surpass stainless steel grab bars in texture and aesthetic. The biggest complaint about stainless steel grab bars is how uncomfortable they feel in extreme temperatures. In cold temperatures, the stainless steel grab bars can feel like icicles and be difficult to hold on to. In hot temperatures, stainless steel grab bars can become so hot that you cannot hold them at all. The temperature extremes of stainless steel grab bars can be particular problematic for the elderly and disabled who rely on the stainless steel grab bars for support. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars do not suffer from the same temperature extremes as stainless steel grab bars. They will remain a comfortable temperature at all times.

The inferiority of stainless steel grab bars extends to its aesthetic options. The standard brushed stainless steel finish is a very industrial look and unappealing in most residential or high end commercial bathrooms. Stainless steel grab bars can be powder coated in a wide array of colors, but the finish is fragile and can be easily scratched or chipped. The colors can also appear less vibrant than one would expect when closely matching a painted grab bar to your existing color scheme. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are composed of through colored nylon on a steel core. If HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are scratched, you will see the same color underneath and chipping is not an issue for the nylon coating. The durable and colorful nylon coating extends to the complete HEWI Bathroom Accessories line which will exactly match your HEWI Nylon Grab Bars. The brightly colored HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are particularly well suited for daycare centers and nursery schools where the colors will coincide with the brightly colored décor.

How To Install Stainless Steel Grab Bars

Stainless steel grab bar installation doesn’t have to be difficult. Anyone from an IKEA do-it-yourselfer to a professional contractor will have no trouble securely installing a stainless steel grab bar. Whether you are installing a stainless steel toilet grab bar or a stainless steel bath tub grab bar, the first thing you will want to do is locate the studs behind the wall. If you will not be able to mount all the flanges of your grab bar into a stud, you will want to use a Wingit fastener in your installation – more on that little miracle later. With a pencil, lightly mark the location of the center and edges of each stud. You may want to utilize a stud finder to help you locate the studs behind the wall and a finishing nail to probe for the edges of the studs.

Next, place your stainless steel grab bar with the flanges positioned over your studs so that at least two screw holes on your mounting flange meet your studs. Mark each screw hole with a pencil. After you have marked your screw holes, drill a 1/8” hole into the marked center of the studs. If you hit solid wood, then continue to drill your other screw holes. When all your screw holes have been drilled, position your stainless steel grab bar on your wall and screw it into place. To make sure your stainless steel grab bar is secure, give it a strong tug to make sure it does not pull away from the wall. You have now successfully installed your stainless steel grab bar.

For those of you who will not hit a stud behind the wall, you will love the stainless steel grab bar Wingit. The Wingit is a cinch to use and provides strong support for stainless steel grab bars. All that’s needed is a 1.25” hole drilled into the wall for each of your stainless steel grab bar mounting flanges. When properly installed, Wingits provide enough support to withstand an 800 lbs. downward force. Now that’s strength.

Hewi Ultramid Nylon Tub and Shower Seats

HewiShowerSeat_1Hewi nylon shower seats for bathrooms and showers offer accessibility hardware solutions for elderly and physically disabled users, and are an essential component of any bathroom build or remodel. Whether you have an immediate need for a shower seat or are simply planning for the future, Hewi folding, free-standing, and hanging nylon shower seats are invaluable additions to ADA accessible shower areas in hotels, pool and gym locker rooms, and private residences. Here is a quick rundown of the Hewi nylon seat specifications and options:
• ADA approved designs for increased comfort and accessibility
• Non-ADA designs for convenience and ease of use
• Made of high quality polyamide with corrosion resistant steel core
• Available in twelve fashionable nylon color choices
• Folding, hanging, and free-standing shower seat options
• Ideal for individuals who tire easily and/or have increased risk of falling
Hewi nylon shower and bathtub seats offer increased sanitation with an easy to clean, nonporous surface and added security for individuals with various physical limitations. Though more expensive than our stainless steel ADA folding shower seats, Hewi nylon seats offer a softer aesthetic and feel less out of place in a residential or extended care setting than their stainless steel counterparts. Available in the standard ADA compliant L shape as well as in square and rectangular shapes to accommodate smaller shower areas, Hewi makes a shower seat suitable for any environment.
Hewi shower and tub seats are an investment that should typically only be considered for long term living situations or public shower areas such as hospitals and hotels where safety is of concern. For more information or to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a Hewi nylon shower seat in your application, please contact GrabBarsOnline to discuss your project design.