How To Improve Grab Bar Safety with Textured Safety Grips

Adding a textured grip to stainless steel grab bars will improve the safety of users when holding a stainless steel grab bar. Stainless steel grab bars when mounted properly on your wall or floor will support a substantial amount of weight; however, if the user cannot properly grip the grab bar because of its smooth surface, the weight capacity of the stainless steel grab bar is irrelevant. A textured grip on a stainless steel grab bar is particularly useful for the elderly or those that do not have a sufficiently strong grip for holding the stainless steel grab bar. There are a few different types of stainless steel textured grips to choose from, each with their own benefits.

Peened Safety Grip: The peened safety grip is the most common textured safety grip for stainless steel grab bars. The peened safety grip texture is similar to fine grit sandpaper. It’s not overly coarse, but it does improve the grip for stainless steel grab bar users.

Knurled Safety Grip: The knurled safety grip is a very coarse texture that is cut in a diamond pattern on the stainless steel grab bar. This safety grip type may be overly aggressive for sensitive hands, but provides a more effective grip for the stainless steel grab bar.

Ripple Grip Safety Grip: The ripple grip (aka Shur-Grip) safety grip has a look and texture similar to reptile scales. The texture of the ripple grip safety grip falls between the peened and knurled safety grips. It is not too aggressive for sensitive hands, but provides an effective gripping surface. The appearance of the ripple grip texture provides an attractive aesthetic for the stainless steel grab bar.

All three grab bar textures are available on Brushed Satin Stainless Steel Grab Bars, Polished Stainless Steel Grab Bars, Brass Plated Stainless Steel Grab Bars, and Powder Coated Stainless Steel Grab Bars. You will be able to have an improved, textured grip on your stainless steel grab bar no matter what finish or configuration you need. Textured finishes can also be used for stainless steel grab bars in ADA compliant restrooms and public spaces.

HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails: Grab Bars for Luxury Bathrooms

988.84.199.1LifeSystem Support Rails by HEWI are a durable, high end alternative to traditional stainless steel and alternate nylon grab bars. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are not exactly cheap nor are they poor quality; but, with the introduction of the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails, HEWI created a more aesthetically appealing grab bar for bathrooms in high end homes, offices, or even in hospitals. HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails are actually more of a substitute for HEWI Nylon Swing Up Grab Bars. The difference is that the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails are designed as more of an armrest that you would see on a chair or in a car. The grip pad at the front is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rail allows height and length adjustments for more comfortable usage. An assortment of colors for the nylon armrest and CFC-free polyurethane grip are available to complement a variety of color schemes.
HEWI did not end their innovation with the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rail. They expanded the LifeSystem line to also encompass ergonomic, handicap accessible bathroom accessories to assist the elderly or disabled. From the HEWI LifeSystem Towel Holder with Walking Aid Holder to the HEWI LifeSystem Adjustable mirror, HEWI has produced a line of high quality, high end accessories for residential bathrooms, commercial restrooms, hospitals, and nursing homes. The HEWI LifeSystem accessories serve as a complement to HEWI’s already stellar array of nylon grab bars and bathroom accessories.

Americans with Disabilities Act: How the ADA Affects Your Project

Americans-with-Disabilities-ActThe Americans with Disabilities Act is a wide ranging Federal law that proscribes discrimination against the physically disabled in public accommodations. This affects sourcing of materials for commercial new construction and remodel projects because the correct materials must be installed and also installed at proper heights in order to comply with ADA. This goes beyond installing ramp access to the exterior of a building. ADA guidelines govern the types and mounting heights for fire extinguishers and cabinets, the size of restroom stalls in commercial restrooms, and the types of locks that are used in a commercial project just to name a few. For the sake of simplicity, we will briefly cover the areas where you must be mindful of complying with ADA guidelines in your commercial project. There are exceptions for retrofit conditions, but we will cover new construction guidelines in this blog:

ADA Toilet Stalls ADA compliant toilet compartments must measure 60”W X 60”D minimum to allow use by individuals in wheelchairs (66”W X 66”D is recommended when possible). Grab bars measuring 36” and 42” must be installed behind and beside the toilet respectively and no more than 33” above the finished floor (AFF). In some cases, an 18” grab bar can be mounted vertically above the 42” grab bar. There must also be a 60” unobstructed turning radius in the restroom.
Ambulatory Toilet Stalls In ADA restrooms with 6 or more stalls, at least one stall must be an Ambulatory Toilet Stall measuring 36”W X 60”D minimum. This stall type is to accommodate individuals using crutches or canes. And ambulatory stall must also have 42” grab bars mounted on each side of the toilet and no more than 33” AFF.
Restroom Accessories Restroom accessories must be recess mounted or semi-recess mounted to prevent obstruction in the restroom for the physically disabled. The accessories must also be mounted with their operable components no more than 48” (AFF) to comply with ADA.
Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets ADA compliant fire extinguishers and cabinets must be mounted with their handles no higher than 48” AFF. They must also be recessed or semi-recessed to avoid obstructing the pathway of disabled individuals. For semi-recessed fire extinguisher that project 4” from the wall, they must utilized an ADA compliant flush pull in lieu of the standard pull handle.

This is just a glimpse at the ADA requirements for commercial spaces. Because of the intricacies of ADA guidelines, it’s best to work with your commercial hardware supplier to make sure you are covered. They will have the expertise needed to make sure you select the right hardware for your project and make adjustments to your specifications where needed.

PBA Nylon Grab Bars: The Cost Effective Alternative to HEWI

PBA445RTGrabBarPBA Nylon Grab Bars provide the same qualities and benefits of HEWI Nylon Grab Bars at a more cost effective price. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars have been the gold standard of grab bars for decades. The wide assortment of bright colors, the quality of the materials, and their superiority to stainless steel grab bars has been unquestioned; nonetheless, they are very expensive products. For large projects such as hospitals, dormitories, and hotels the cost for grab bars alone can be astronomical. PBA Nylon Grab Bars offer a cost efficient alternative for those wanting high quality nylon grab bars without the HEWI sticker shock. PBA Nylon Grab Bars are available in many of the same colors, sizes, and configurations as HEWI Nylon Grab Bars making them a practical option for those with HEWI Nylon Grab Bars in an existing project making the switch to PBA Nylon Grab Bars.
Like HEWI Nylon Grab Bars, PBA Nylon Grab Bars also have a range of matching nylon bathroom accessories that can be installed to complete an entire bathroom or shower room. Some project architects and designers are partial to HEWI Nylon Bathroom Accessories accepting no substitutions, but leave wiggle room for grab bars. The perfect opportunity to save money on your project by substituting high quality, lower cost PBA Nylon Grab Bars. PBA Nylon Grab Bars can also be custom configured for unique bathroom and shower room layouts; but, unlike HEWI Nylon Grab Bars, the lead times for custom PBA Nylon Grab Bars can be relatively short.