PBA Nylon Grab Bars: The Cost Effective Alternative to HEWI

PBA445RTGrabBarPBA Nylon Grab Bars provide the same qualities and benefits of HEWI Nylon Grab Bars at a more cost effective price. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars have been the gold standard of grab bars for decades. The wide assortment of bright colors, the quality of the materials, and their superiority to stainless steel grab bars has been unquestioned; nonetheless, they are very expensive products. For large projects such as hospitals, dormitories, and hotels the cost for grab bars alone can be astronomical. PBA Nylon Grab Bars offer a cost efficient alternative for those wanting high quality nylon grab bars without the HEWI sticker shock. PBA Nylon Grab Bars are available in many of the same colors, sizes, and configurations as HEWI Nylon Grab Bars making them a practical option for those with HEWI Nylon Grab Bars in an existing project making the switch to PBA Nylon Grab Bars.
Like HEWI Nylon Grab Bars, PBA Nylon Grab Bars also have a range of matching nylon bathroom accessories that can be installed to complete an entire bathroom or shower room. Some project architects and designers are partial to HEWI Nylon Bathroom Accessories accepting no substitutions, but leave wiggle room for grab bars. The perfect opportunity to save money on your project by substituting high quality, lower cost PBA Nylon Grab Bars. PBA Nylon Grab Bars can also be custom configured for unique bathroom and shower room layouts; but, unlike HEWI Nylon Grab Bars, the lead times for custom PBA Nylon Grab Bars can be relatively short.

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