HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails: Grab Bars for Luxury Bathrooms

988.84.199.1LifeSystem Support Rails by HEWI are a durable, high end alternative to traditional stainless steel and alternate nylon grab bars. HEWI Nylon Grab Bars are not exactly cheap nor are they poor quality; but, with the introduction of the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails, HEWI created a more aesthetically appealing grab bar for bathrooms in high end homes, offices, or even in hospitals. HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails are actually more of a substitute for HEWI Nylon Swing Up Grab Bars. The difference is that the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rails are designed as more of an armrest that you would see on a chair or in a car. The grip pad at the front is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rail allows height and length adjustments for more comfortable usage. An assortment of colors for the nylon armrest and CFC-free polyurethane grip are available to complement a variety of color schemes.
HEWI did not end their innovation with the HEWI LifeSystem Support Rail. They expanded the LifeSystem line to also encompass ergonomic, handicap accessible bathroom accessories to assist the elderly or disabled. From the HEWI LifeSystem Towel Holder with Walking Aid Holder to the HEWI LifeSystem Adjustable mirror, HEWI has produced a line of high quality, high end accessories for residential bathrooms, commercial restrooms, hospitals, and nursing homes. The HEWI LifeSystem accessories serve as a complement to HEWI’s already stellar array of nylon grab bars and bathroom accessories.

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