Reinforced Toilet Divider Panels for Grab Bar Installation

2StallsIC2LReinforced toilet divider panels offer necessary support for panel mounted toilet grab bars. Not all ADA toilet compartments will have the ideal setup with the toilet situated in a corner with existing walls to the side and rear of the toilet. In ADA toilet divider stallADA toilet divider stall set ups where the toilet divider stalls are freestanding or the toilet is situated closest to the divider panel and not the wall, the grab bar will need to be installed on the divider panel. For such situations, you will need internal reinforcement in the panel to facilitate installation of the grab bar. This internal reinforcement provides a clean look and strong support for installation of the grab bar. Internal reinforcement is only available for newly constructed toilet divider panels; but, there is also a retrofit option for grab bar reinforcement on the toilet divider panel.

If you have existing toilet divider panels in your restroom that you would like to mount grab bars onto, you will need a retrofit plate for installation of the grab bar. This will require that you drill one or three holes (depending on which retrofit plate you use) through the divider panel. Once the grab bar is screwed in place, it will be secure on the divider panel and ready for use. There will be a visible mounting plate in the neighboring stall; however, vandalism will not be an issue. Grab Bar reinforcement, both internal and retrofit, is only available for Baked Enamel or Stainless Steel Divider panels. As an alternative, you can also opt for a wall to floor mounted grab bar next to the toilet. Check with your local inspector first to make sure this meets ADA requirements in your area. There are overarching Federal guidelines for ADA compliant spaces, but localities can and do make modifications that are more stringent.

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