How To Measure Dimensions for Toilet Stalls

TP_IC4RADAx730How to measure dimensions for toilet stalls is relatively simple when measuring an empty restroom for new toilet stalls. Measuring dimensions for toilet stalls that need to be an exact replacement for your existing toilet stalls is a bit more involved; but, we will go over it in this post. First and foremost, how to measure dimensions for toilet stalls has nothing to do with your toilet centerlines. The toilet centerline is important when you need to ensure the toilet in your ADA toilet stall is the proper distance from the wall. It’s also used by plumbers when installing your toilets, not for toilet stalls. When measuring dimensions for toilet stalls, it’s best to start with the width of the toilet stall. So you will begin measuring the width of the empty space in your restroom where the toilet stalls will be installed. Once you take your measurements you’ll now have to determine the dimensions you’ll need for each stall. How to determine the dimensions you’ll need is easier when you first subtract the required dimensions for your ADA toilet stall from the overall dimensions for the space. Let’s say that you have a 132” span in your restroom for your toilet stalls and there will be three toilet stalls in your restroom. Your ADA toilet stall needs to be 60”W X 60”D leaving you with 72” for your remaining two stalls. If you divide that remaining space evenly, then each standard toilet stall will measure 36”W. Now the depth of standard stalls does not have to be the same depth as your ADA toilet stall; however, for the comfort of users, we recommend that you make all toilet stalls 60”D if space allows.

How to measure the dimensions for toilet stalls that need to be an exact match to what exists in your restroom starts the same way as what I have listed above. Now you need to follow those dimensions up with dimensions for your existing doors, panels, pilasters, and hardware. This method is a lot more involved, but is a necessary evil to ensure that you receive toilet stalls in the proper dimensions and save you frustration in your install. Now that you know how to measure dimensions for toilet stalls, let’s follow up with how to enjoy them. Naw, I think I can skip that. I’m sure you all are very savvy at using a toilet stall. Just don’t let any construction workers or anyone with explosive you know what use them. Your toilet stalls will never be the same again. Trust me, I know from experience. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen in toilet stalls. The horror burns my eyes even now. Anyway, take those measurements for your toilet stalls. As you see, it’s really not a difficult task and will make your installation run much more smoothly.

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