How to Select the Right Stainless Steel Grab Bar Flange

Showergrabbar800Choosing a flange for your stainless steel grab bar is not a difficult decision to make, nor is there necessarily a right or wrong flange to select; but, there are a few options that you should be aware of before making your final decision. The two most common flange types for stainless steel grab bars (and the two we list on our website) are the round concealed snap flange and the round exposed flange. The most obvious difference between these two stainless steel grab bar flanges is the appearance of the screw heads used to install them. Exposed flanges leave the screw heads exposed whereas concealed snap flanges come with a stainless cover to hide the screws. For some customers, visible screw heads are not an important consideration and the money saved by selecting exposed screws is worthwhile. The majority of customers, however, want a clean look with the screw heads concealed on their stainless steel grab bars. Whichever camp you fall into will determine which flange type you’ll select for your grab bar.

Aside from the common stainless steel grab bar flange types, there are the oval concealed snap flange, the oval exposed flange, and round concealed flange with tenon plate. The oval flanges are self explanatory and best used on narrow studs or posts or for decorative purposes; but, the flange you may not be familiar with is the round concealed flange with tenon plate. This flange comes in two pieces. There is a tenon plate that will mount directly to the wall with two screws. Once the tenon plate is installed, the stainless steel grab bar with flange cover is locked to the tenon plate with a set screw. This flange type is more relevant for installation in security areas or where vandalism would be an issue and security screws are not used for installation. The choice of flange type is not an option for stainless steel swing grab bars since they use a rectangular or square mounting plate for their installation.

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