How To Improve Grab Bar Safety with Textured Safety Grips

Adding a textured grip to stainless steel grab bars will improve the safety of users when holding a stainless steel grab bar. Stainless steel grab bars when mounted properly on your wall or floor will support a substantial amount of weight; however, if the user cannot properly grip the grab bar because of its smooth surface, the weight capacity of the stainless steel grab bar is irrelevant. A textured grip on a stainless steel grab bar is particularly useful for the elderly or those that do not have a sufficiently strong grip for holding the stainless steel grab bar. There are a few different types of stainless steel textured grips to choose from, each with their own benefits.

Peened Safety Grip: The peened safety grip is the most common textured safety grip for stainless steel grab bars. The peened safety grip texture is similar to fine grit sandpaper. It’s not overly coarse, but it does improve the grip for stainless steel grab bar users.

Knurled Safety Grip: The knurled safety grip is a very coarse texture that is cut in a diamond pattern on the stainless steel grab bar. This safety grip type may be overly aggressive for sensitive hands, but provides a more effective grip for the stainless steel grab bar.

Ripple Grip Safety Grip: The ripple grip (aka Shur-Grip) safety grip has a look and texture similar to reptile scales. The texture of the ripple grip safety grip falls between the peened and knurled safety grips. It is not too aggressive for sensitive hands, but provides an effective gripping surface. The appearance of the ripple grip texture provides an attractive aesthetic for the stainless steel grab bar.

All three grab bar textures are available on Brushed Satin Stainless Steel Grab Bars, Polished Stainless Steel Grab Bars, Brass Plated Stainless Steel Grab Bars, and Powder Coated Stainless Steel Grab Bars. You will be able to have an improved, textured grip on your stainless steel grab bar no matter what finish or configuration you need. Textured finishes can also be used for stainless steel grab bars in ADA compliant restrooms and public spaces.

Successfully Remodeling your Bathroom


A bathroom remodel can be an extremely time consuming and often expensive endeavor. From purchasing and installing large items like bathtubs, tile flooring, and new plumbing to updating smaller items like lighting fixtures, a lot of considerations must be taken to ensure a successful bathroom remodel. Below are a few tips on how to successfully carry out a bathroom remodel to obtain the bathroom you desire:

  • Have the supplies you need before beginning. It’s important that all items are on hand before starting the remodel, as it saves time and allows you to truly work within your budget. Having everything from the perfect lighting fixtures, tiles and even bathroom grab bars already purchased can help you quickly start working on your remodel, and helps ensure you’ll get the job done in a quicker manner.
  • It’s important to consider all of your options! Shop around for prices before committing to anything. Also, consider possible refinishing existing items to save money.
  • Consider planning for the future when updating your bathroom! Consider installing bathroom grab bars in your new bathroom, as you never know when they will come in handy! Also, consider sticking with a look that is classic and will remain beautiful for years to come.
  • Don’t be too frugal with your purchases! It’s best to purchase items that are durable and will last. It’s best to remodel your bathroom right the first time.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, perfect planning and a plan of attack will allow you to obtain the bathroom you truly desire. Don’t forget to browse the selection of shower seats, grab bars and other bathroom accessories at!

Why Custom Grab Bars?

No bathroom is created equally, and sometimes standard grab bars just won’t get the job done. Custom grab bars are the perfect choice if you’re in need of grab bars that are specifically tailored to your bathroom’s more unique dimensions. With custom grab bars you have the opportunity to get stainless steel or nylon grab bars that are custom configured to work specifically for your bathroom. From your very own sketch, or supplied dimensions, can configure custom grab bars that meet your specific needs!

Whether a stock grab bar is too short, or just a little too long, custom grab bars can be created that are both perfect in length, and guaranteed to fit properly and get the job done right. Why settle for anything less than what you really need? Grab bars are an extremely useful accessory, and often help to prevent accidents that can cause injury or bodily harm! If you’re settling for a stock grab bar that doesn’t quite get the job done the way you like, it’s best to consider custom grab bars that meet your expectations and specifications to help increase the safety of your bathroom.

Whether looking for bath tub grab bars, shower grab bars, toilet grab bars, or swing grab bars, we can create custom grab bars in any style, for any purpose. There’s no better choice for custom grab bars than