Why Bobrick is the New Black

mfg-bobrickBobrick is a 100+ year old company that is a leader in the commercial bathroom accessories and toilet dividers market. By default, many planners and architects specify Bobrick products for their commercial bathroom projects. As the gold standard in the industry, they are the go to for bathroom accessories and toilet dividers in the U.S., Canada, and 85 international markets. Bobrick has strategically strengthened their hold on the market with their purchases of Koala Kare Products and GAMCO to cement their dominance in Division 10 bathroom accessories. Integrating Koala Kare Products into the Bobrick family of companies expanded Bobrick’s reach into the childcare accessories segment of the Division 10 commercial bathroom accessories market. Koala Kare Products’ high quality baby changing stations, child booster seats, diaper dispensers, and high chairs are a perfect complement to Bobrick bathroom accessories. Bobrick ‘s purchase of GAMCO not only opened up the lower end of the Division 10 bathroom accessories market to the company, but also gave them access to an established custom fabricator of stainless steel grab bars and stainless steel bathroom accessories with an assortment of plated and powder coated finishes. Bobrick’s dominance in the commercial bathroom accessories and toilet dividers market is unquestioned; but, these two strategic purchases make them a much more formidable force and a bigger draw for customer’s looking for a single source for high quality toilet dividers, bathroom accessories, and childcare accessories.

Bobrick’s potential for saving you time and money can be best described in a simple scenario. Say your company is charged with completing a fairly large bathroom renovation for a local university’s dormitories. They need bathroom accessories, toilet dividers, hand and hair dryers, baby changing stations for public bathrooms in the buildings lower level, and one bathroom will have all accessories plated in polished brass. To make the scenario even more complicated, the building also has two very large locker rooms that will require combination shower & dressing dividers and ADA shower dividers will need ADA compliant shower seats and grab bars. That sounds like a tall order and could be pretty daunting if you have to go to one manufacturer for bathroom accessories, a separate manufacturer for bathroom accessories plated in the finish you need, a third manufacturer for baby changing stations, and yet another supplier for toilet dividers and shower & dressing dividers. Take all those requirements and roll them up into a single quote request to a Bobrick dealer. You’ll have a complete quote for everything you need, a healthy discount for purchasing from one supplier, and your entire order delivered in one shipment. Working with the Bobrick family of companies means efficiency and cost savings in sourcing of materials for your project.

How To Install a Shower Seat Without Screws

988.76.499Installing a shower seat without screws makes the process considerably easier; but, is it a feasible prospect? Actually, it is and I will tell you the secret. There are two different types of shower seats that can be used that do not require screws: HEWI and PBA Hanging Shower Seats and Freestanding Shower Seats. TA DA! You probably weren’t expecting that were you? Just a little curve ball. HEWI Hanging Shower Seats and PBA Hanging Shower Seats are useful when you already have grab bars installed in your bath tub or shower area and you want to add seating for a disabled or elderly user. Properly installed grab bars can support upwards of 600 lbs. so the addition of a HEWI or PBA Hanging Shower Seat will not pose an issue. HEWI and PBA Hanging Shower Seats are only available in nylon which will be more comfortable for your user; but, will be much pricier than stainless steel. If considering HEWI or PBA Hanging Shower Seats for your project, make absolutely sure to budget properly so you don’t lose your shirt.

If a HEWI or PBA Hanging Shower Seat are not really your speed, but you still want a shower seat that can be used without a screw mount installation, then you can opt for a freestanding shower seat such as a HEWI LifeSystem Shower Stool or Bradley Solid Phenolic Bariatric Shower Seat. HEWI LifeSystem Shower Stools and Bradley Solid Phenolic Bariatric Shower Seats are simply placed on the floor in your shower or bath tub area for use. HEWI LifeSystem Shower Stools and Bradley Solid Phenolic Bariatric Shower Seats are provided with non slip feet to prevent injury in the shower. Only minor assembly is required to attach the legs to the seat. If you can assemble an IKEA side table, you can assemble a freestanding shower seat.

Hewi Ultramid Nylon Tub and Shower Seats

HewiShowerSeat_1Hewi nylon shower seats for bathrooms and showers offer accessibility hardware solutions for elderly and physically disabled users, and are an essential component of any bathroom build or remodel. Whether you have an immediate need for a shower seat or are simply planning for the future, Hewi folding, free-standing, and hanging nylon shower seats are invaluable additions to ADA accessible shower areas in hotels, pool and gym locker rooms, and private residences. Here is a quick rundown of the Hewi nylon seat specifications and options:
• ADA approved designs for increased comfort and accessibility
• Non-ADA designs for convenience and ease of use
• Made of high quality polyamide with corrosion resistant steel core
• Available in twelve fashionable nylon color choices
• Folding, hanging, and free-standing shower seat options
• Ideal for individuals who tire easily and/or have increased risk of falling
Hewi nylon shower and bathtub seats offer increased sanitation with an easy to clean, nonporous surface and added security for individuals with various physical limitations. Though more expensive than our stainless steel ADA folding shower seats, Hewi nylon seats offer a softer aesthetic and feel less out of place in a residential or extended care setting than their stainless steel counterparts. Available in the standard ADA compliant L shape as well as in square and rectangular shapes to accommodate smaller shower areas, Hewi makes a shower seat suitable for any environment.
Hewi shower and tub seats are an investment that should typically only be considered for long term living situations or public shower areas such as hospitals and hotels where safety is of concern. For more information or to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a Hewi nylon shower seat in your application, please contact GrabBarsOnline to discuss your project design.