Why Bobrick is the New Black

mfg-bobrickBobrick is a 100+ year old company that is a leader in the commercial bathroom accessories and toilet dividers market. By default, many planners and architects specify Bobrick products for their commercial bathroom projects. As the gold standard in the industry, they are the go to for bathroom accessories and toilet dividers in the U.S., Canada, and 85 international markets. Bobrick has strategically strengthened their hold on the market with their purchases of Koala Kare Products and GAMCO to cement their dominance in Division 10 bathroom accessories. Integrating Koala Kare Products into the Bobrick family of companies expanded Bobrick’s reach into the childcare accessories segment of the Division 10 commercial bathroom accessories market. Koala Kare Products’ high quality baby changing stations, child booster seats, diaper dispensers, and high chairs are a perfect complement to Bobrick bathroom accessories. Bobrick ‘s purchase of GAMCO not only opened up the lower end of the Division 10 bathroom accessories market to the company, but also gave them access to an established custom fabricator of stainless steel grab bars and stainless steel bathroom accessories with an assortment of plated and powder coated finishes. Bobrick’s dominance in the commercial bathroom accessories and toilet dividers market is unquestioned; but, these two strategic purchases make them a much more formidable force and a bigger draw for customer’s looking for a single source for high quality toilet dividers, bathroom accessories, and childcare accessories.

Bobrick’s potential for saving you time and money can be best described in a simple scenario. Say your company is charged with completing a fairly large bathroom renovation for a local university’s dormitories. They need bathroom accessories, toilet dividers, hand and hair dryers, baby changing stations for public bathrooms in the buildings lower level, and one bathroom will have all accessories plated in polished brass. To make the scenario even more complicated, the building also has two very large locker rooms that will require combination shower & dressing dividers and ADA shower dividers will need ADA compliant shower seats and grab bars. That sounds like a tall order and could be pretty daunting if you have to go to one manufacturer for bathroom accessories, a separate manufacturer for bathroom accessories plated in the finish you need, a third manufacturer for baby changing stations, and yet another supplier for toilet dividers and shower & dressing dividers. Take all those requirements and roll them up into a single quote request to a Bobrick dealer. You’ll have a complete quote for everything you need, a healthy discount for purchasing from one supplier, and your entire order delivered in one shipment. Working with the Bobrick family of companies means efficiency and cost savings in sourcing of materials for your project.